Mobile SIG Meeting January 23, 2018 - judycannon

January 23, 2018 Meeting Agenda

1.  Introductions, including mobile devices you use and what you want to get our of this SIG.

2.  Judy will share some examples of her mobile photography and editing.

3.  Judy will share her workflow, including use of Photo Transfer app, iCloud and Creative Cloud.

4.  Tutorial on Snapseed.  Please download Snapseed app and bring with you to the first meeting.

5.  Discuss topics for future meetings.  Decide on topic for next meeting.

Note:  If you have IOS 11 I will be able to share internet connection with you.  I will be using Apple TV to mirror content from iPhone and iPad on my big screen TV.


Meeting Notes – FCDCC Mobile Photography SIG – January 23, 2018

Persons present: Judy Cannon, Philip Shaw, Guy Turenne, Jerry Magloughlin, Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero, Lisa Schnelzer, JR Schnelzer

Introductions including what topics people would be interested in:

Jerry – basic editing

Guy – Android video editing, Sparks?

Phil – iMovie

Jeanie – Adobe Mobile apps

Lisa – creative stuff

JR – sharing, seeing others work

Judy shared a brief tutorial on Snapseed, including a way to use the view edits function to mask various edits. JR share several apps he liked including Circular. He mentioned some other ones like a video merger, upsize program called genuine fractals (?), paint brush app, slow shutter app. However, we may need more specific information as I didn’t get exact names.

We talked about some accessories. Judy showed the MEFoto tripod head for cell phones. Several agreed that was a good one to have. We discussed bringing our favorite accessories to future meetings.

Judy shared information about Apple Store Photo Walks for iPhones – dates and topics for Boulder store. If anyone goes they will share what they learned. We discussed doing our own photo walk when the weather improves.

Next meeting will be a Judy’s house again on Tuesday evening February 27 from 6:30 to 8pm. Everyone should bring a mobile photo edited with their favorite app to share. The general topic will be Adobe Mobile Apps and will include some tutorials.